6:00 PM18:00

Artist Exhibition by Despina Costalas and Claire Moclock

Join Rafael Espinal in celebrating the arts in this exhibition. 

Despina Costalas - @despina_costalas ; website: despinacostalas.squarespace.com
By trade, Despina is an artist focusing primarily on photography of the fine arts and photojournalism. She is interested in topics concerning culture and human expression primarily through alternative photographic processes and analog photography. She is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. 

Claire Moclock - @mocloe ; website: clairemoclock.com
Claire Moclock is an artist and archivist. Her most recent work involves manipulating vintage and expired instant films to appear as anything but a photograph. She received her MLIS, with archival emphasis, from University of Pittsburgh and explored Visual Studies as a field of inquiry at Temple University. 

Other amenities: 
Music by Corey Gardner (@orisona)
Catering by Kay Benoit (@kayskreations90s)

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7:00 PM19:00

Forum on Issues Concerning the LGBTGNCIQA+ Community

Join us for a community forum in which a group of panelists will be discussing pressing issues in NYC’s vibrant LGBTGNIQA+ community!

We will be covering topics including policy, cultural shifts, grassroots movements, and mutual aid which has brought the community together to push for full economic, social, and civil equality and what needs to be done to strategize our next steps together. We aim to create an inclusive, intersectional dialogue on topics which will include: HIV/AIDs research and support, homelessness, healthcare, trans incarceration and criminal justice reform, affordable housing for the elderly, hate crime violence and goals surrounding preventive measures, issues surrounding the youth, public education, political engagement, the passing of GENDA and our fight for fair employment, and sex workers’ rights in the age of SESTA/FOSTA.

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