NYC is pretty green, but we can be greener.

Given recent national events, namely the disavowal of scientifically-proven climate change by the White House, it is imperative that all cities make environmental sustainability their top priority. In light of this, I’m proud to have recently received and a score of 100% on the New York League of Conservation Voters Environmental Scorecard, as well as the Sane Energy Project stamp of approval.

Though New Yorkers are already known for having a low carbon footprint per capita, it is our obligation to think creatively about ways we can protect our environment for years and years to come. This city is highly concentrated with pollution and could stand to serve as a much stronger environmentally-friendly role model for the rest of the country.

New York has seen record-high temperatures the past several years, while lower-income communities have the worst air quality the city has to offer. Climate change will continue to impact the globe if we don’t make changes quickly, and those in marginalized communities will end up the most at-risk of endangering the health and safety of themselves and their surroundings.

Fighting climate change will continue to be one of my absolute top priorities, and here’s how we can do that:

  • Require every rooftop in NYC to be Green (with solar, wind, or agricultural output)

  • Urge the MTA and Department of Education to commit to an 100% electric bus fleet by 2025

  • Create regulations that will help promote and protect urban agriculture in our city

  • Ban the sale and distribution of all single-use plastics, while offering strong alternatives

  • Invest in more green spaces in all communities by cleaning and preserving empty lots

  • Push for the expansion of bikeshare programs into underserved communities

  • Pass legislation that would ban the sale of fossil-fuel cars by 2030

  • Expand the legalization of all Electric Bicycles

  • Allow for small businesses to install electric vehicle charging stations on sidewalks

vice green roof 3.jpg