Everyone deserves a job that pays fairly and allows the right to unionize.

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Well-paying jobs are so important, as is our quality of life. Recent studies have shown that people residing in metropolitan areas are more easily stressed, and suffering from poor work-life balance. That is why I was the first official in the United States to introduce legislation on the “right to disconnect,” which would give employees the right to not answer emails after working hours. You shouldn’t have to be afraid of losing your job because you took a vacation, or are spending quality time with your family and friends when you’re off the clock - especially if you’re not being compensated. This will create clear expectations and prevent unfair retaliation.  

The average CEO today makes 361 times the average worker, up from 20 times in the 1950’s - and that number is even worse for women, who make 79 cents for every dollar a man earns. We must continue to fight for better-paying jobs, support our unions, and push for gender pay equity in the workplace. In the gig economy, more and more jobs are being done by freelancers. For too long, it’s been easy to take advantage of freelancers by not paying them what they are owed or on time, but not anymore. I was proud to advocate for and pass the Freelancers Act in the Committee on Consumer Affairs, which I chair. This will provide protections and recourse for vulnerable workers to make sure freelance isn’t free. 

Growing up, both of my parents were union workers, so being pro-union is in my DNA. Whether on the picket line or in City Hall, I’ve fought to advance good-paying jobs and the right to collective bargaining. That is why I introduced legislation to provide a prevailing wage to building workers, and why I took on Charter/Spectrum for not negotiating in good faith with their workers, while providing poor services to their consumers. I’ve also been a strong believer in local hiring, community job growth, and investments in industrial business zones. The IBZ in my district is slated to bring 4,000 new jobs, and I am prepared to help bring those numbers to all the manufacturing areas throughout our city.

To do:

  • Advocate for equal pay for women

  • Pass legislation Right to Disconnect

  • Stand with unions

  • Support local hiring, and investments in industrial zones to attract businesses

  • Improve workers rights for the gig economy and freelancers

  • Push for the creation of more workforce centers in communities that need it most