New York City is expensive - you should have the quality of life that you pay for.


Quality of life isn’t just about roads, garbage and crime - it’s also about you and your own wellness. How can we improve the quality of YOUR living? 

We shouldn’t have to advocate for cleaner streets, functioning transportation systems, and safer communities. These all should be the main role of our executives and our city agencies. But, roads are falling apart and there is trash everywhere, and in some communities it is still dangerous for New Yorkers. 

We, as New Yorkers, want to wake up in a habitable apartment, have a safe walk to the subway, and get to work on time without worrying about congested streets or a failing subway system. We want to be able to earn a fair salary, disconnect from work after a long day and get home to decompress and eat a fresh and local meal, or maybe go out for dinner and experience NYC’s nightlife culture. We want to feel confident that our children are getting the best education. 

We also want clean air and water and a peace of mind that our city is doing everything it can to combat climate change, improve the quality of our environment, and being as efficient and sustainable as possible. 

That is not asking for too much. As the next Public Advocate, I believe my policies outlined in the other sections helps us get there.

* I will be updating my issues on a periodic basis