Get me to where I am going safely, and on time.

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Our subway system is a mess. We are all in a time crunch and live busy lives. The last thing we want is for our commute to eat into our time. We shouldn’t have to wake up earlier in the morning or get home later in the evening because of a poor system, but right now, that’s our reality. 

It is going to take billions of dollars to repair the subway, and we need someone in office that’s going to hold the city and state accountable, especially when they fight about who should foot the bill. At the end of the day, all levels of government will have to make deep investments, and we do not have time to lose. 

Congestion is also a major problem for those of us who take a car, especially within the surrounding communities. Reports are showing that more New Yorkers are opting to taking a car, while the MTA’s ridership plummets. The only way to ease congestion is by giving New Yorkers different and safer options. 

It is also becoming more difficult for car owners to find parking in their neighborhood. The city has to study the issue, and must go after out-of-state license plates and illegally parked cars. 

The City needs to:

  • Expand bike-shares to underserved communities 

  • Fully legalize e-bikes and e-scooters 

  • Continue the implementation of bike lanes

  • Study bus routes and install bus lanes to decrease travel times

  • Create a Transportation Czar that will study and report on city/state/MTA progress

  • Fund subway upgrades by ending rebates of the existing New York Stock Transfer Tax.