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We can’t stop fighting to support our LGBTQI+ friends and family.

The rights of the LGBTQIA+ community must be protected and expanded. Civil rights are under assault for many marginalized groups-- especially LGBT people-- by a federal administration that spreads fear, hate and wants to roll back our progress. Now more than ever, we in New York city must continue to lead on protecting our friends and loved ones who identify as LGBTQ and make clear that no intolerance will ever be allowed in our city.

As a New York City Council Member I have marched with pride alongside my fellow New Yorkers in parades and celebration. And, I have taken action by consistently voting to expand rights and access to social service programs for LGBT members. I have supported legislation to: protect runaway and homeless youth by enabling better access to shelters, requiring a review of forms given out by city agencies to update gender pronoun requirements, requiring city agencies provide the people they serve with a information survey regarding sexual orientation and gender identity and ensuring single occupancy bathrooms are gender-neutral. I also led the historic effort to repeal NYC’s antiquated cabaret law, which was used for decades to unfairly target LGBT venues. Now, businesses do not need to apply for an arbitrary license to dance and people can let loose without fear of being unfairly targeted.

But, more must be done. Discrimination continues to affect queer and trans people and we need to ensure that rights are protected under the law and also that hate crimes are punished to the fullest extent possible. As Public Advocate I would: fight to protect trans rights and insist on a zero-tolerance policy for hate crimes, ensure everyone is able to use the bathrooms they feel comfortable in, expand access to HIV testing and PReP, protect gay nightlife establishments, focusing on queer people of color and protecting QPOC nightlife and safe spaces.