Rafael Espinal Ready To Run For Public Advocate

Wednesday January 2, 2019

New York, NY: City Council Member Rafael Espinal has announced his campaign is ready to begin collecting the signatures of 4,000 New Yorkers needed to get on the ballot in the special election for New York City Public Advocate.

Mayor Bill De Blasio today confirmed the special election will be held on February 26.

“My team is ready to go and tonight we’ll be hitting the streets talking to New Yorkers about why we need a Public Advocate with bold ideas to make our city an even better place to live. At midnight tonight, we’ll begin collecting signatures to get my name on the ballot,” said Rafael Espinal.

“As the creator of the Night Mayor and Office of Nightlife, I recognize the many New Yorkers who work nights and I’m here to listen to them and represent them.

“I’ll be running on the Livable City party line. A livable city is about making sure every New Yorker can enjoy quality of life, with affordable housing, clean air, and good jobs. We shouldn’t have to advocate for the basics of cleaner streets, functioning transportation systems, and safer communities - these should just be normal things.

“This election is about taking back our city from the people who make it expensive to live in and hard to get around, who pollute the air we breathe, and who ignore us when we raise our voices. As Public Advocate, I want to empower New Yorkers to hold their elected officials accountable.

“As Public Advocate, I will continue the work I’ve been doing on the City Council making New York a more livable city for everyone who calls it home. That includes fixing the NYCHA to provide the warm, affordable homes that everyone deserves and insisting that if the Amazon development goes ahead, Amazon has to seriously invest and partner with our communities so that New Yorkers see the benefits.

“This campaign is about bold new ideas for the future of our city. I’m excited to talk with New Yorkers from all corners of the city about the changes they want to see happen.”


Media contact: Robin Campbell, (929) 319 6497, press@rafaelespinal.nyc


About Rafael Espinal

Rafael Espinal is a born and bred Brooklyner who serves the people of New York as Council Member for the 37th District and previously represented the 54th Assembly District as Assembly Member. He has championed legislation to provide better healthcare, housing, and good jobs for New Yorkers. Rafael passed legislation to repeal the archaic and racist “no dancing” Cabaret Law and to create New York’s first Night Mayor and office of Nightlife. He has recently championed ideas to make New Yorker greener with electric vehicles, solar power, and urban food gardens, and to move away from single use plastic products that pollute our streets, parks, and waterways.